1. All medications are to be listed on the Registration/Medical Release form and taken to the Health Center and registered with the LTCRC medical staff. All medications must be in original bottle and/or container. Medications will be administered as per RX label instructions and dosage, unless written, signed, and dated parental instructions state otherwise. Students are not to share any medications, includ- ing overthecounter medications.
  2. Campers who are ill or injured must be either in the LTCRC camp office, medical clinic, or hospital. In the event of illness or injury, students will not be permitted to remain in their dorm rooms.
  3. Prank supplies are not allowed (e.g. shaving cream, body paint, water balloons, water guns/blasters, flour, confetti, silly string, etc.). There are no exceptions.
  4. At no time is a student to go to the lake without adult supervision. No one is allowed in the water at any time other than during specified waterfront times approved by LTCRC and in specified waterfront areas under LTCRC lifeguard supervision. Lifejackets are required for certain lakefront activi- ties, regardless of a person’s age or water safety abiity.
  5. No one is allowed on the ropes course ( Tower or any part of the Zipline or Poles) at any time other than during specified ropes course times ap- proved by LTCRC and under LTCRC supervision.
  6. Drugs, alcohol, any form of tobacco, firearms, knives, or any kind of weapon, or fireworks are NOT allowed.
  7. Campers are expected to reflect a Christian example by their dress. Shorts can be worn to worship but must be longer than the arm and hand when extended down the side of the person. Modest skirts and dresses are acceptable in worship, and jeans are always acceptable. Immodest shorts or tops, spaghetti strap tops, distasteful designs or messages, and other extreme clothes are not acceptable at any time. Only one-piece swimsuits are allowed. Bikinis, French cut or one piece resembling two-piece swimwear will require a dark colored t-shirt to be worn over them. Campers may be asked to change their attire if an adult feels their dress is inappropriate. SHOES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.
  8. Refrain from Public Display of Affection with others.
  9. Under NO circumstances are girls to be in guys rooms or guys in girls rooms.
  10. No fighting is allowed.
  11. Students are to respect all adult leaders and follow their instructions. All adults–members of LTCRC leadership team, church leadership teams, and adult volunteers–are in places of authority over all students. They have been trained in how to guide students for each particular event.
  12. Everyone must attend all scheduled events. If your group is in an activity, whether in the classroom or on the athletic field, you must be with them. There are no exceptions to this unless you are injured or sick and are at the LTCRC Health Center, doctor’s office or hospital.
  13. Campers MUST be in the dorm by designated camp curfew. Your curfew is for your security and for your mental and physical well-being.
  14. Guests are not allowed to bring pets on campus.