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Invest in the hearts of the next generation.

Join the EYC Legacy Program and pave the way for each new generation of young people to experience God.

One experience with God can change a life forever.

At Experience Youth Camp, we’ve seen thousands of young people encounter God...and all we had to do was get them to camp. God shows up, meets them there, and the rest is history - a history shaped by young people now in passionate pursuit of the heart of God.

This is our legacy.

But each year, the cost to attend camp steadily rises, even as we’ve moved locations and cut costs wherever possible.

As such, we’ve seen many young people miss out on camp, an experience that could have changed the course of their life forever.

But we don’t ever want money to be an obstacle in the way of a young person’s destined appointment with God.

Join the EYC Legacy Program and be the reason one person gets to camp.

Become Part of the Legacy

Has your life, your family, your church been affected by youth camp?

Maybe you attended as a camper, served as a counselor, or worked on staff. Maybe you had a child or grandchild come to camp.

Every year, we see and hear stories of hundreds of young people returning home from a week of camp, carrying with them the testimony of an encounter with the living God. The effect is felt in their churches, homes, and communities.

Now, you can participate in the power of camp to transform the world, one experience at a time.

Here’s what the EYC Legacy Program looks like:

Mission: To make camp more affordable to campers, allowing more of them to come without the financial burden of high camp fees, and to build toward the future of EYC, including our own facilities.

Vision: To raise funds to pay the hard cost of the EYC program and the fee for all the counselors. This would make the cost for campers the same as the facilities' hard cost per person.

Objective: To partner with EYC alumni, EYC family church members, business owners, and other organizations and individuals to fund the EYC Legacy Program on a regular or one-time basis.

Financial Goals:

Each year, the total cost of camp rises, now surpassing $95,000. This includes the camp facilities cost and our program cost.

Our initial goal through the EYC Legacy Program is to cover the EYC Program cost and counselor fees (plus, scholarships we give to a select few first time campers each year).

Here’s how that breaks down:

  1. The EYC Program Cost: $18,500
  2. EYC Counselors Scholarship Cost: $10,000
  3. Steve Young Camper Scholarship Cost: $1,500

TOTAL: $30,000

Ways to Donate/Participate:

If 200 people give $150, we’ll reach our goal.

  • $150 one-time gift: 200 people
    • 16-18 churches: 12 People per Church
  • $10, $25, $50 per month recurring donation
  • $500 - $1,000 (or MORE) Corporate Sponsors - Businesses/Owners

How to Donate:
  • Donate via Envelope
  • Donate via Online Program Signup
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